The Real Reason…to Coach

The Real Reason….to Coach

10 years ago during a hot and sticky summer morning in St. Louis, 4 other camp counselors and I stood and listened to Coach tell us why we were at baseball camp. What coach told me that morning, I still practice and hold in my heart to this day when I coach and teach.

“Try to make kids smile and laugh. This may be the only time they have a chance to do that.”

Simple and to the point. Nothing to do with baseball or competition. But everything to do with coaching and teaching.

Who are the teachers and coaches you remember from your childhood? What was the moment or experience you remember the most? What experience gave you the most enjoyment whether in school or sports?

Odds are it was when a coach or teacher complemented you on your effort (no matter the result). Odds are it was a fun event that felt safe to be who you were. Odds are it made you feel apart of something.

Kids, today as in the past, need these experiences! They need to feel wanted, successful, and worthwhile. Despite living in a day in age when information can spread around the world with a click of a button or mouse pad, adults, too often, still don’t know anything about the kids we teach or coach. We don’t know if they come from an environment where they rarely smile or laugh. We don’t know. This is our chance to give a great experience to our kids.

So when your heading into practice or your next game, try this as part of your game strategy:

Try to make kids smile and laugh. This may be the only time they have a chance to do that.

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  1. Caro
    2 years ago

    A bit suersiprd it seems to simple and yet useful.