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2010 was described by most people as the year of the pitcher.  There are many theories as to why pitching was so dominant, but one night the ex Mets coach Bobby Valentine said something that really hit home to me.
He called what was going on with major league pitchers the ‘Greg Maddux’ effect.  His theory was that all of these young pitchers that we have today grew up realizing that movement and location are the best two ways to get hitters out. 
 Anybody else have any theories as to why pitchers tended to dominant this year?

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  1. Dan Walsh
    7 years ago

    Just wanted to say I enjoy the site and hello to Coach Nicollerat.

    Dan Walsh
    Class of 86

  2. Eleni
    2 years ago

    It is all about greed, the MLB doesn’t want to lose any money near the end of the season. Even if it were only once every four years. Baseball has been reemvod from the Summer Games for 2012 and might be back for 2016 Supposedly the MLB and IOC are working together to come up with a plan to allow our juiced upped sluggers to play. Of course, this is probably just an attempt by the MLB to avoid taking heat for ruining baseball in the Olympics. As the best players from all over the world come here to play, none of them are allowed to play in the Olympics for Team USA or whatever country they come from. So, MLB has done a fantastic job of sucking the talent out of the Olympics. Instead of the best in the world competing, you get a bunch of minor league players, playing against each other. And in turn, nobody is interested in watching minor league ball, even at the Olympics. Personally I hate how greed corrupts everything in our society.

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