My Take on McGwire and Steroids

My Take on McGwire and Steroids

As a coach, educator and parent I am thankful the steroid discussion is now out in the open. We are all going to be better parents and coaches by knowing more about the drug, and what is really happening. We all want a safer world for our kids.

But, there seems to be a lot of talk about Mark McGwire and his situation. I am glad he finally talked about what happened. I am not sure if he said anything that I already was not thinking, but that is not the point. He did say something!

Sometimes we tend to judge things from our perspective, the place where we are in a given point in time. The problem is that we may be there, but the person or persons we are judging are not at the same place. Is it really worthwhile to judge people and actions of many years ago by standards that we now have in place?

Let me emphasize that we now know that steroids are illegal and can be harmful to our health. We are all happy that this issue has been brought to light and we have and will continue to learn from it. One of BFTGU’s goals is to promote growing and learning.

We all have our opinions concerning steroids, home run records, and all of that. Most importantly, we also know a little bit more today than yesterday about our health and human nature. Rather than worry about actions of the past, maybe we should ask ourselves what would we do today, when faced with a similar situation. Would we risk our health for a longer career. Would we risk the health of our child, for his chance at fame and fortune. I am not sure I would have done anything different that many of the athletes of the past. But I know that today I will make a better choice.

Coach Nicollerat

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    hi coach thank you for your insigtful post on steroids in baseball. the pressures these ballplayers must have faced , just to compete, with their peers must have been tremendous. hence there were all sorts of substances used. i , myself cannot blame those players who used. that combined with the fact that steroid use alone doesnt help the ballplayer to hit home runs. it is usage along with great technique. for that reason alone i would never downplay what mcgwire or bonds or sosa or palmeiro accomplished. i . personally know one famous sportswriter who pontificates agasint the usage of steroids. but when you enter his home he has vreatine tubs, protein shakes openly displayed in his kitchen . not only that but all sorts of pills and elixirs. he must have spent hundreds of dollars on his potions. when he lifts he preens in the mirror but when he srites he pontificates agasint steroid usage. there are 2 parents in my office who have their kids legally on a hgh program. ill bet not many know that hgh is prescribed for youngsters who are in the smaller percentile of their height. well these parents know about it and have no problem shottong up their kids. one mother does it while the child is in a sleeplike state so as not to upset him. children being left back in the 8th grade to get bigger and stronger before they enter high school is totally prevalent today, at least here in the northeast. i cannot blame those players who used. they did it to get bigger contracts and to help their teams. . i say so what??

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  20. Dan Ruprecht
    5 years ago

    I think the point made about remembering the time when McGwire played and what the baseball world was like at that point is crucial in really viewing what happened accurately. This was a post 1995 world where the MLB had committed “fan suicide” with another drawn out strike. I truly believe the MLB players assoc. and MLB ownership never thought the fans would get fed up not return to the “American Past time “ but they were dead wrong. After the strike ended in ’95 they couldn’t get fans to return to ballparks. They tried everything from lowering ticket prices to what they were 100 years earlier to fan appreciation nights where there were free seats… and people still didn’t come out. Until, McGwire started to hitting those monsterous home runs he was known for. People would go early to the games just to see him hit batting practice. A fair question to the ownership of MLB would be to ask why weren’t they worried about the purity of the game then? Maybe because people going to the park earlier meant more concession sales and therefore more money. Also, another key point at this time was that MLB really didn’t have a stance on steroids. They were way behind the grading curve on this in comparison to the Olympics, the NFL and the NHL. In many ways it’s unfair to judge these athletes “after the fact”. The rules MLB put in place banning steroid use weren’t there for most, if not all of McGwires career. Major League Baseball owes a huge debt to McGwire, he darn near single handedly brought fans back out to the park and awoke our interest in the game again. Who knows where the MLB would be right now if he hadn’t done that?