Baseball From the Ground Up Clinics

We have over 50 years of coaching experience!  We are dedicated to help kids, parents, and coaches grow in baseball. In a day in age where youth baseball instruction is severely limited and baseball is in danger, we provide players, coaches, and parents regular opportunities to learn firsthand our approach to baseball coaching and teaching.

What do we talk about? Click on the following links to download the BFTGU clinic templates:

BFTGU Hitting Clinic Template

BFTGU Coaches Clinic Template

Click the links below to hear excerpts from our latest Hitting Clinic:

Hitting Clinic

Thoughts on Hitting and Coaches

Hitters and Types of Bats

Thoughts on Rotational Hitting

Some Hitting Questions

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Our Baseball Clinics will help you with the following: 

Drills for Baseball Practice?

o    Outfielders
o    Pitchers
o    Hitters
o    Baserunners
o    Infielders
o    Catchers

Baseball Instruction and Information

o    Enhances your player’s performance in the games and at the next level!
o    Ask our Coaching Staff, which has over 50 years of experience, the questions you always wanted to ask.
o    Run practice that has a purpose and helps kids continue to develop and grow into successful players.
o    Coaching Philosophy

Have you ever been asked to coach a team and you have limited to no knowledge?

o    Practice Template
o    Drills for Practice
o    Coaching Philosophy for Games and Parent Relationship

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