Health, Nutrition, and Families

Today many families work hard to balance the daily occurrences in their life. From raising kids, to work, to running errands, and kid activities (i.e. Baseball Practice), raising a family is tough and exhausting. In an attempt to simplify our life, we settle for certain things in order to make raising our families work as smoothly as possible. Even more likely, we often are not fully aware of the best options or information out there for our family. Our Parent Section will address the following questions:

  • What should our kids eat to help promote healthy development?

  • What are some issues kids experience when they do not eat healthy?

  • How do parents with busy schedules plan and provide healthy meals?

  • Where can I find resources to help promote a healthy family lifestyle?

Excerpt from Coach Nicollerat, BFTGU Blog

Coach Nicollerat

We all have our opinions concerning steroids, home run records, and all of that. Most importantly, we also know a little bit more today than yesterday about our health and human nature. Rather than worry about actions of the past, maybe we should ask ourselves what would we do today, when faced with a similar situation.

Would we risk our health for a longer career? Would we risk the health of our child, for his chance at fame and fortune? I am not sure I would have done anything different that many of the athletes of the past. But I know that today I will make a better choice. To read more, click here.

Coach Nicollerat

Nutrition and what our families eat may be one of the most important and essential issues we can improve upon. Furthermore, when we have a busy schedule filled with sports games and practices, our kids’ health must be the top priority.  Baseball from the Ground Up would, therefore, like to introduce to you our own registered and licensed dietitian.

Erin M. Zinselmeyer, M.P.H., R.D., L.D.

Erin has a passion for teaching children, teens and their families proper nutrition for good health.  With almost ten years experience as a registered and licensed dietitian (R.D. and L.D.), Erin has extensive health and nutrition knowledge.  She currently works as a pediatric dietitian at Washington University School of Medicine and St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

She enjoys working with children, teens and their parents on a daily basis helping them to improve their nutrition status and manage their weight.  Erin believes nutrition plays an important role not only in children and teenagers sports performance and enhancement, but also their daily lives.

Academically, Erin received her Bachelor’s of Science in Medical Dietetics from the University of Missouri-Columbia and her Master’s degree in Public Health (M.P.H.) from Saint Louis University. In addition to her academic background, Erin is also a professional member of the American Dietetic Association, the Missouri Dietetic Association and the St. Louis Dietetic Association.

Erin welcomes the opportunity to answer any questions you may have regarding health and nutrition for you and your children. Whether you are a coach or parent, health and nutrition should be one of the primary concerns.

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