Don’t Apologize for the Past

As coaches, it is human to become bound to the way you did things growing up or were taught. In order to become a better coach, you have to be able to look objectively at the new information that technology offers us with an open mind. Don’t let your past loyalties blind you from what the advances in technology have enabled us to understand about the swing today.

The history of baseball bats and the swing.

With metal bats shifting back playing more and more like wood bats, swinging with the proper mechanics is becoming more and more important than ever. Kids will no longer be able to hit extra base hits because the bat is powerful. Their swing will have to generate power.

Make Players aware of Half Truths

Players often will take what Coaches say way too literally, and there are many half truths that exist in baseball.

What pitches should you spend the majority of your time practicing on when hitting in the cages?

Hitting Approaches Should Change with Age

You should teach different hitting approaches for depending on what age the player is.