Hockey is the name of this game.

First, the kids should be in two teams, and each team alternates turns. The player that is up stands between two cones and acts as a “goalie” and must protect the ball from getting past him and save a goal from being scored on his team.

First to Third Game

The players run from first to third and have to pick up the third base coach.

The player makes two reads, first picking up third base coach before second, if second base coach stops him, player then must find the ball in the outfield. If the ball is dropped then the runner also advances to third.

Ground Ball to Second

For this game, half the kids are baserunners and the other half are standing inbetween two cones at second base. You hit the fielder a ground ball, and the player must field the ball before it gets to the third cone. The fielder then trys to throw out the runner at first base. This game is really helpful for players because it teaches them to charge the ball

Outfield Throwing Home

Half of the team is split up in the outfield, and the other half is on second base.  A ground ball is hit or rolled to the outfield and there is a play at the plate.  The outfielder must field the ball and throw it to the cut man who turns and throws the ball home for a play at the plate.

Pitcher Covering First Base

This game teaches players to be ready for the second play.

In this case, the pitcher covers first base while a baserunner on second circles third and tries to go home.  The player must catch the ball and first get the out at first base.

The player then turns and throws home.