Control Your Mind and Define Your Own Success

Mental-Side of Baseball: Control Your Mind and Define Your Own Success

by Tony Bertucci
There is a mantra that many of you may have heard at some point in the game of baseball: Focus on what you can control. Too many young players do not fully understand the importance of this concept.  No matter what age or talent level you are, this is a concept that all players should swear by.  But what exactly does this mean?

There are many factors in baseball that are simply out of the player’s control.  As a pitcher this truth is evident every time I throw a pitch.  Once the ball is out of my hand, there are a set of factors that come into play that I have no control over whatsoever.  I can make a great pitch, fool the batter into hitting a groundball, and the ball can take a bad hop over the shortstop’s head. This is a base hit in the books.  The truth is you really do not know what is going to happen. Because of this baseball can at times be a very frustrating game. But it is also a very rewarding game when it is played right, and the first step is to get your mind right.  Your mind is the only thing you can fully control.

Baseball is first and foremost a game of failures, and the first step to becoming a successful baseball player is to understand that success does not come from the scoreboard, stat book, or any other external result.

As a player, you need to engage the game in such a way that you define your own success through your mentality and approach—these concepts are the number one thing that you have control over as a player whether you are on the mound or in the box. The more you engage the game of baseball mentally, the more you understand that success is not limited to going 3 for 4 at the plate or striking out 10 batters in a game.  Baseball is such a deep and rich game that you can define your own success in virtually limitless ways.  So when you have that 0 for 4 day at the plate, how will you respond?  A player with a good mental approach will find a way to take something positive away no matter what. Mentality and approach are part of preparation and they are things that any player of any age or talent level can develop toward having fun and enjoying baseball to the fullest.

Creating an approach and honing your mentality are skills that need practice.  A good baseball player never stops refining these mental tools, no matter what level he reaches. Having a solid and mature approach to the game of baseball will prove to be instrumental in helping you cope with the every-day ups and downs of the game. Baseball will be a much more fun, exciting, and rewarding game when you engage your mind the right way.  I believe that these mental tools are extremely important for youth players as it can be very difficult to find successes in a game that is governed by failure. I will have more on this topic to come in the near future, including specific examples of mental approaches that I think work well for specific positions.

Tony Bertucci

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  1. Jeff
    8 years ago

    Ted Williams said that hitting is 50 percent from the neck up. One tip I have for youth hitters is never let bad calls by the umpire get you down. You get three strikes each time up to bat and you should go up there confident and ready to attack the ball.

    If you let one bad call get you upset then the rest of your at-bat is in jeopardy. Stay focused on your mission.

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