– What should PARENTS do with their KIDS

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  1. george
    6 years ago

    hi coach, this was an excellent video. i plead guilty , a bit , to pushing my boy to play the game. he had no choice in the matter he was going to be a ballplayer as he had 3 older sisters who mom would not allow me to get into softball. but i must admit i wish i had it to do all over boy is now 16. he is a good player who played varsity as a sophomore last year. this summer he won a most outstanfding player award leading his team to a championship. he just doesnt love it as i do though. he can take it or leave it. the worst mistake i ever made with my son though was buying him a playstation and than later an x box system. he cannot be torn away from these games. i think it is a fine line for fathers to gently push the kids to go outside and play ball. i really beleive that nowadays a little gentle pushing is advisable. to anyone reading this : dont let your kids play the game systems they are truly addictive and in my opinoin even damaging to the family in that it takes away from family time. sincerely george