Hitting Ideas Hitting Ideas

One of the hardest things to teach and coach…Hitting a baseball.

In a day when we think personal instruction is credible because we pay someone…lets look at 16 points that may challenge who we are paying money to…

  1. No Apologies for the Past!
  2. 2 Kinds of Hitting
  3. Style vs. Technique
  4. Historical Analysis at the Swing
  5. Common Hitting Cues (which we grew up with!) Are they true?
  6. Impact of Media and Technology
  7. Pictures and Images (What are we really seeing?)
  8. 3 Core Principles of Rotational Hitting
  9. Can the Swing be Changed?
  10. What comes after Mechanics?
  11. Making a Hitting Plan – In practice and in the Game
  12. How can we teach a swing?
  13. What to teach a 5 year old child?
  14. What does it take to be a good hitter?
  15. What can you do? Parents and Coaches
  16. Resources to Help

You demand an explanation of these points from your instructor! It is your money.

Visit Hitting Resource for help addressing the above points.
If you would like to teach what you learn, waste no time by clicking on Hitting Drills!
Hitting is a passion of ours, as it is probably with you. If you have comments, we DO want to hear them. Please post your comments HERE. Thank you.

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