Coach Steve Nicollerat, founder of Baseball from the Ground Up and Hall of Fame High School Baseball Coach shares youth baseball coaching secrets that has taken him over 30 years to develop and perfect!

“Discover the SECRETS on how parents and coaches EASILY out practice, out perform, and out execute 93% of Youth Baseball Coaches while saving more time, getting better team results, and building skills for the next level!”

What makes Steve Nicollerat and different from MOST baseball coaches is that not only does he coach, but he also teaches making it make complex ideas simple to learn.

Now you have the chance to take advantage of a Youth Baseball Drill Teaching System designed by Hall of Fame Coach Steve Nicollerat.

Dear Volunteer Coach:

Since baseball is one of the most complex games, let’s make this as simple and easy as possible!

You are in a unique position. You want to be there for kids. You want to give them an opportunity to play. So you volunteered to coach a team. You want to give them the best game possible that gives them the best baseball experience.

Thank you for being the right person for the right reason. I wish there would be more parents and coaches, like you, who are willing to help and be there for kids!

As you know, Baseball is pretty complicated. Possibly the toughest sport to play and even more to coach! From individual position responsibilities, team defenses, hitting, cuts and relays, etc…You need a Baseball School just to keep things straight! As you may know there is a lot of planning and knowledge that goes into just one (1) practice, much less an entire season!

And if you would like your team to be successful, then you will have to plan and know and implement even more!

Why am I sharing these secrets with you?
Simply put, I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I made when I was an inexperienced coach. I want to share with you because I know you are here looking for help. I want to share with you because I believe we can change the game of baseball and make it fun again for our kids. I want to share with you because I really think baseball can be used to help our kids grow up. I want to share because I know you will share your knowledge to other coaches, parents, and players!

Before we continue together, I do have to warn you:

If you are a parent or coach who does NOT want to learn new information or challenge what you already know about the most complicated sport – baseball…then please DO NOT continue reading! You have already made up your mind and therefore you probably don’t need instant online drills. If, however, you are a parent or coach that is committed to learning and finding ways to make a complex game easy for your team to learn and become successful, then please continue reading! We want you to help your team FROM THE GROUND UP! only wants people who: want an easy way to teach the game to their team, who want to provide the BEST possible drills for their kids, and who aren’t afraid of being different from the “typical” coach!

If you are still reading, then I think its safe to say that your goals for the season are at the least:

  • You want to do a great job coaching for your kids.
  • You want the kids to have fun.
  • You want to be the best coach in your league.
  • You want to help kids so they are successful at the next level.
  • You DO NOT want to be the “typical” coach filling up practice with pointless drills.
  • You want to do the best you can, but it has to be easier!


Your major obstacles to accomplishing these goals are probably:

  • You work.
  • You have a family.
  • You have daily obligations.
  • You seem to always have last minute things come up.
  • You don’t know where to start.

This is why you are here.

You are looking for assistance, guidance, and drills that will make your coaching easier and more successful!

We know you’re already an incredibly busy individual that is learning to become a great juggler of time. One minute your putting in a late day at work to meet the latest deadline, the next minute you are at home making dinner for your kids. And we know it is really tough to find time to plan a good quality practice, much less plan an entire season.

EARLY INNINGS BASEBALL DRILL TEACHING SYSTEM is the BEST fit for you and your busy schedule.

We polled parents and coaches involved in youth baseball and over 72% have been asked to coach. And of the 72% of the parents and coaches who coach 90.7% would like to use an online system to get information for their youth baseball team!

The only problem is that to be a great coach, you have to know what to do in practice that will make your kids better, and you have to know how to run an organized practice. This alone can throw your schedule out of whack! In order to do this, you typically would scour the internet searching for drills to teach your kids at practice. Only the problem is that this takes an incredible amount of time (which you don’t have the luxury of wasting!)

“Google” Youth Baseball Drills for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 year olds! We did. Look at what we found…

Go ahead take your chances on Google!

Even if you have the time to do search over thousands of websites, once you find some drills, how do you know if they are any good?

  • Do they come from coaches with over 30 years of teaching and coaching experience?
  • Do they come from teachers who know how to break down complex ideas into simpler, easy to understand concepts?
  • Do they come from coaches AND teachers who are always looking to improve and challenge what they already know?

The answer is more than often a NO!

Let’s just say you did go the “Google” route and you found some drills from a RETIRED, “Big-Time” college coach who is promoting drills from his team’s heyday in 1992! Don’t you think this approach is OBSOLETE?!? Is he a teacher or just a salesperson?

You could pick and choose a couple of these drills randomly and have your kids practice the drills and then see if they worked and made your kids better. As the baseball season goes on, you are becoming a better coach – no doubt.

However, the problem with this is that your kids can’t have the baseball season back. Your kids only have one chance at a successful baseball career, and to be a great coach takes years and years of practice and good planning.

We all play the “WHAT IF” game?


  • WHAT IF…those drills don’t help your players become better at the next level?
  • WHAT IF…those drills make their practices dull and boring?
  • WHAT IF…they don’t come back to play next year because of a dull and boring experience?
  • WHAT IF…those drills don’t translate into game skills?
  • WHAT IF…you don’t know the drills fit into a practice?
  • WHAT IF…I don’t have the time to plan a good practice, much less a season?

You can walk down the “WHAT IF” path or do things a better way from the VERY beginning of your kids baseball career. You can give your kids a better chance at finding success with baseball.

You should lean on my teaching and coaching experience and get it right for your kids at the beginning of their careers! Founder Steve Nicollerat

“Coach Nicollerat is a Missouri Hall of Fame Coach who has won over 300 games in his coaching career. He has been coaching kids of all ages for over 30 years, and over these 30 years he has had the time to develop a special Youth Baseball Drill Teaching System. He continues to coach trying to be open to learn, challenging himself all the time to be better tomorrow than he is today. He is also a computer science (NOT a PE) teacher that knows how to design, instruct, and help kids of all ages! Just ask him he loves to talk about teaching just as much as coaching!” Coach Jim Manning

I have learned which baseball drills that work, and which drills that don’t. And I am here to share the SECRETS with you!

You don’t have to waste your valuable time on the drills that don’t. You don’t have to figure everything out on your own. We have done this for you. And that is why you are HERE!

The Early Innings Baseball Drill Teaching System is designed specifically for players that are 5 to 10 years old. Without 30+ years of coaching and teaching, we could not have designed such a comprehensive and all encompassing teaching system.

After all, your kids don’t have 30 years for you to get it right and figure it out, and you don’t have the time it takes to scour the internet for a free drill here or there that may or may not help you kids become better players.

What is the SECRET to the Early Innings Baseball Drill Teaching System?

The Early Innings is an online product that is an all-in-one drill teaching system. It has all the baseball drills you need for ages 5 to 10, and it is combined together in an easy to understand way.

  • Your Online Assistant Coach!
  • Your Basic and Simple Approach to Coaching!
  • Your kids will be able to enjoy practice and games more because you have given them the best chance for success!
  • You’ll have over 60 quality baseball drills that covers EVERY aspect of the game!
  • You kids will get great practice games for them to play as well!
  • You’ll be able to develop power hitters even at this age!

Your Online Assistant Coach

We know that sometimes you may get lucky and have a parent or two volunteer to help you coach the team. We also know that even with their help the baseball part of the coaching staff could be better. This is why we developed Early Innings for you! Early Innings is your ONLINE ASSISTANT COACH! Why?

The Early Innings is an online product that is an all-in-one drill teaching system. It has all the baseball drills you need for ages 5 to 10, and it is combined together in an easy to understand way.

  • 24/7 INSTANT ONLINE ACCESS! Great for planning at work, at home, or even on a smartphone at the field for practice!
  • Easy to Understand Video Drills to show players, other coaches, and parents!
  • Built-IN PRACTICE TEMPLATES! You WILL NOT have to plan another practice for the entire season!

Why is Early Innings BETTER than Coaching Clinics?

If you are still reading this, then odds are you have been to Baseball Coaching Clinics. I applaud you and your ambition and time you have already dedicated. Seriously! Most coaches don’t do what you have already done on a weekend or weeknight. Most coaches would not want to give up their FREE time to get better as coaches. Their FREE time is too valuable to them and probably their families. But you are different than most coaches. You care.

But, I have to ask you a question. Could you be a caring coach while saving valuable FREE time with your family or other obligations? Can I ask you another question? Could you be more efficient with your time while ensuring that you are getting the BEST baseball instruction possible? The answer is “Yes you can!”

Early Innings Baseball Drill Teaching System allows you to INSTANTLY access online video drills that is ALREADY arranged in a practice template. Early Innings is a Baseball Clinic every time you access it! Designed for you!

So why waste anymore time (which you have a limited amount anyway)? You can go to Early Innings any amount of time throughout the year! Baseball Coaching Clinics are usually offered once or twice a year! This is a slam dunk opportunity for you!

Why is Early Innings BETTER than Books or DVDs?

As you have read above, I am always trying to learn and grow as a coach. Heck, so are you since you are still reading! Through my experience and constant research, I have encountered and collected a lot of baseball coaching books. You probably have too! They always say turn to page such and such and then go to this other page, etc…

Isn’t this outdated! Who wants to flip through all these pages! Even more who wants to have books sitting on the shelf like trophies collecting dust. Don’t you want INSTANT access literally at your fingertips every time you are on your computer? That is why Early Innings is ONLINE and INSTANTLY ACCESSIBLE. It is already in a practice template so you don’t have to flip through pages and determine which drill to use. In addition, how would you show your other parents or coaches the drill? Would you bring the book? Would they get the essence of the drill by looking at illustrations? reading? Probably Not. Early Innings is an ONLINE Drill Teaching System so you can literally show them at the field on your smartphone or other device! Your Online Assistant Coach is coaching right there on the field!

How is Early Innings better than DVDs? Should we even address this after we talked about books?

Can you bring a DVD player out to the field? Can you share a DVD with your other coaches and parents, while looking at it yourself? Can you obtain new drills and information on your DVD that you purchased? The answer to all these questions is NO.

Early Innings can do all of these things!

Early Innings compared to Clinics

Do other Youth Baseball Drills offer GREAT Fundamental Hitting Drills that even 5 year old players can perfect?

For 20 years we have taught our players how to hit ground balls and singles. 20 years worth of players (including my own children), did not get the information that you are going to learn from this Baseball Drill Teaching System. The Early Innings will give you hitting drills that will teach your kids how to swing with their entire body and drive the baseball.

“Coach’s open mind and desire to always be better tomorrow than he is today allowed him to be open to the new information that technology makes available to us today.” Coach Tom Zinselmeyer 

Slow motion clips from ESPN, and the home run derbies, and the internet have opened our eyes and given us all insights into the common themes and core principles that all the great hitters of any generation all share and use. Surprisingly, many of the hitters you see on TV look different. If you spend time slowing down their swings, and really analyzing and picking apart everything that is going on you come to realize that the best hitters in the game are all really do the same thing, and in the same order.

We has been able to identify some basic hitting drills that kids at this age need to practice to start them on the right path towards being double and home run hitters down the road as they get older and stronger.

MORE Benefits for You!

  • The Early Innings also teaches kids how to move. Surprisingly, many high school outfielders and infielders don’t know how to take the correct first step to a baseball over their shoulder. One mistep is often the difference between cathing a ball or not. If you teach them the right way to move now, when they are older it will be natural.
  • This baseball drill teaching system gives you the ‘right something’ to do at practice. You won’t have to hit one player a fungo while the others all stand in line bored just to fill time! Use these baseball drills and your 5-10 year olds will be having fun while they are getting much better at baseball.

The baseball teaching system starts out simple and builds from there. For example, the infielder section teaches your kids first how to stand in a ready position. Next, it teaches your players the approach, triangle and soft hands all in individual steps without a baseball. Once your kids get these steps down individually, they can then put them all together and begin fielding a baseball the correct way!

Here is what you can EXPECT when you buy Early Innings:
  • 60+ online video drills broken down into simple instructions so that the kids can easily understand and implement them in practice.
  • 14 Infielder Drills – lasting 19 minutes
  • 7 Outfielder Drills – totaling over 11 minutes
  • 13 Base Running Drills – over 23 minutes of footage
  • 5 PFP (Pitcher Fielding Practice Drills) – over 11 minutes
  • 7 Throwing and Catching Drills – lasting over 17 minutes
  • 8 Hitting Drills – lasting over 10 minutes
  • Drills that players will use at every level for the rest of their careers.
  • An Online Practice Guide which allows you to implement drills with ZERO minutes wasted!
  • Drills that can reused or changed out within minutes so practices will never be the same!
  • Instant online access so that coaches, parents, and players can show drills over and over AT PRACTICE! Making sure everyone gets it right!
  • Visual (video) instruction that players can quickly learn from!
  • A FREE eBOOK: The Danger Baseball Faces, a brief look at the status of baseball and the importance of youth baseball instruction.
  • Fun and important Practice Games
  • More FREE time to spend at work and with your family
  • A system that becomes your ONLINE assistant coach, anywhere, anytime
  • Drills that can stream on your smartphone to have on the field coverage!
  • A plan to build better players and practices!

And this is just an overview of your product!

This is your chance…

To be a coach that every kid wants to play for because your practices are fun and they actually learn how to play a complex game easily!

If you have ever left a practice feeling that you could have done a better job…

If you have ever used the same drills week after week…

If you have ever wondered how a coach and teacher with over 30 years of experience builds youth baseball teams from the ground up…

Then Early Innings Baseball Drill Teaching System is for You.

  • You will think coaching is easier and not as time consuming.
  • You will no longer waste time looking for drills to use.
  • You will have complete confidence in what and how you coach.
  • You will have focus on making the kids engaged and happy in your practices.
  • You will start to improve your team, building on what they learn from you.
  • You will build respect from other parents and coaches, becoming the talk of the league.



And if all of that isn’t enough, we offer a 30 day money guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the product we’ll refund your money! No questions asked! We know that you are very busy and that your time is very valuable. We think so highly of our product that we are willing to give you a FULL refund if you are not completely satisfied. No shipping, no waiting. Not a book, not a DVD…you’ll have instant online access everywhere you go!

Your search is over. Buy Early Innings and get INSTANT access to great youth baseball instruction.

Your purchase is completely guaranteed and you are under no risk ordering today!

You are seconds away from unlocking the keys to building a successful youth baseball team from the ground up. The Early Innings is the Baseball Drill Teaching System that has all the bases covered for youth baseball. It has everything you will need to know to help your kids FROM THE GROUND UP!

Are you ready to be the coach that your players want you to be?

  • OVER 60 Drills designed by experienced coaches and teachers for youth baseball players!
  • About 1 dollar a drill for INSTANT, ONLINE access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
  • Covers EVERY aspect of the game for Youth Baseball
  • Designed for coaches who want to OUT PERFORM, OUT EXECUTE the ‘typical’ youth baseball coach!
  • Enhances your players’ baseball experience!
  • Your ONLINE assistant coach!
  • EDUCATE your players, parents, and coaches!
  • GUARANTEED 30 Day Money Back!
  • FREE Practice Games, Practice Guide, and eBook!

We GUARANTEE that you will have the best practice plan available!


Here is the SECRET behind Early Innings.




The Early Innings Baseball Drill Teaching System allows you to have instant online access to over 60 drills that cover every aspect of youth baseball. We even have the drills built into a practice template for you.

You no longer have to spend time looking for drills, then putting them into a practice plan. It is done for you. Concentrate only on making kids smile and having a good time. It is that easy.

Most coaches don’t do what you do!

Most coaches won’t put their team and players into the right position to succeed. You are different. Your kids will appreciate your time and energy that you have given. The SECRET is that you are now coaching more efficiently while providing more quality instruction to your team!

What is the Price for Early Innings?

Well when we started setting the price was pretty easy…

We looked at…

Private Instruction and Early Innings

Too Expensive for MOST Coaches! Even with more access to Early Innings than Private Instruction, we don’t want to charge $300.00.

With Early Innings you can share with your ALL your players! You don’t need to schedule time out of your already busy schedule for additional instruction. Early Innings goes with you wherever you go! A private instructor can only see you when he or she has time for you!

Then we looked at…

Coaching-Clinics-and-DVDS and Early Innings

Too limited and not ideal for MOST Coaches today. Even with more access to Early Innings than clinics and dvds,

Early Innings is so accessible you can bring it to practice on a handheld device. So we thought $150 was too much to charge young coaches.
So what does Early Innings cost…

Purchase Early Innings

So what are YOU waiting for…

Read what others are saying about Early Innings…

As a coach for both 7 and 10 year old boys baseball teams, I find the drills on Early Innings to be a great tool in preparing an effective and fun practice.  Early Innings is the only site I’ve found that focuses on drills and instruction geared toward the younger players, but these fundamental drills are still applicable for the the older players as well.  Coach Nicollerat breaks down the fundamentals of Baseball into small components, that make it easier to teach to young children.  The drills are progressive, so they start with simple, basic, steps and increase in complexity as the drills progress.  This is a great way to teach the game to younger players.
Another key to the drills is how they are set up to be run with multiple stations, allowing a coach to involve all of the team for a drill, keeping the kids actively participating and not just standing by and watching.  Utilizing these drills increases the number of “reps” each kid receives in a practice, whether it is throwing, fielding, baserunning, or hitting.  This makes our practice more effective and keeps the kids more actively involved.
Early Innings also presents fun games that can be played at practice that are both fun, and help teach the fundamentals.  We have found using Early Innings saves time preparing effective practices our kids truly enjoy.
Tom Grassi
Mary Queen of Peace Baseball Coach

Ryan Wessels – St. Louis, MO, “Great Job, Keep it Up!”

“Andy Johnson & Blue Valley Recreation – Overland Park, KS”]I coach a sixth grade recreational boys baseball team in Overland Park, KS. This year, one of the kids I’ve coached for seven years simply would not stay in the box to swing the bat. He’d been hit by a pitch toward the end of the previous year and was terrified of being hit again. He was also going through a tough time at home and at the time wanted to quit baseball. I was afraid that if he did, he would fill his time with activities that might get him into trouble. But I had no idea how to help him start swinging the bat so that he’d be able to enjoy baseball again. When I called the guys at Baseball from the Ground Up for help, they immediately understood that baseball was simply the means to the end that I was trying to achieve, namely, to help this twelve year old develop into a young man who knew how to make good choices. Not only did they give me several good ideas about how to help him get over his fear of the ball, they also talked at length with me about how to help him get through this time in his life. I put these ideas into practice and as I write this, he is over his fear of the baseball, recently got his first base hit, and is no longer talking about quitting baseball this year. He would not be where he is right now without the advice I got from the folk at Baseball from the Ground Up. Thanks so much to you guys for helping me to use baseball as a tool for shaping this great kid into the responsible young man I hope and think he will become.

Jim Walker – O’Fallon, MO“I am new to coaching baseball, this was a lot to learn…I will take advantage of [their] website and Early Innings!

J. Buser – Kansas City, MO  “Extremely influential. Great delivery of the subject matter. Helpful tips on baseball drills and overall approach to ‘coaching”

Malcom Jennings – Sacramento, CA “Excellent balance of what to do, with why to do it! As a young coach I have many years and many kids to share your teachings. This will go a long way! Thx!”